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About STO

What is STO?

S.T.O. is an after-school space where students can personalize their learning. The space enables students to design projects that:
  • Develop an existing talent.
  • Allow them to do something about a cause that is important to them.
  • Pursue an interest in order to gain new skills.
  • Enable them to learn about something new.
  • Address a community challenge.
Students are in charge of organizing and completing their projects. Mentors are there to guide students when needed or offer additional support.


Our mission is to offer an interactive space where students can innovate, share ideas, and take charge of their learning.


Our vision is for every school to offer a space where students can unleash their creative potential, pursue their interests, or develop their entrepreneurial side.


Past projects

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How it all began..

As a teacher, Ms. Blanchet noticed the lack of freedom students had to develop their own ideas and personal passions. Although, she tried to offer more options and activities in her classroom, she found she couldn’t offer a space that allowed students to take risks, be creative, and explore their entrepreneurial side.
A few students from the group were interested in revamping the STO image and website, so they got together to develop this new site. It was designed and coded by Vishal Moriani, and content written by Bruno Songane and Chris Robinson.

Meet the team

Michelle Blanchet
STO Coordinator/Organizer
Vishal Moriani
Website Creator
Chris Robinson


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The Illustrated Science Experiment

Two girls wanted to put their love for drawing and science together. They decided to create an illustrated book of science experiments for children. One draws, the other writes! We're looking forward to seeing the final product next year!


Designing the S.T.O. website has enabled a few students to practice their web design skills, try their hand at marketing, and put their creative skills to use. This website and the video on the home page were developed by S.T.O. students!

Primary School Creative Club

A pair of high school girls wanted to implement a club in the elementary school that would unleash younger students' creative potential. The girls used S.T.O. as a platform to write a club proposal, and prepare the club for the upcoming academic year. Now more elementary students will have a chance to draw, write, and work on projects related to the arts!

Taiwan Unfolded

A student from Taiwan wanted to develop an app with his cousin to boost tourism in Taiwan. He has used S.T.O. as a space to dedicate time to his project. He works on the business plan and app design. This project will continue into the next academic year.

Homeless World Cup Fundraiser

A group of students were interested in raising money for the Homeless World Cup foundation. They wanted to raise enough money to bring in a team from abroad to play in the HWC tournament. They organized a student lead soccer tournament with over 40 players and were able to raise over $500.00! Not only did the money go to a good cause, the students really enjoyed the friendly, fun competition of the tournament!

Clean-up Geneva

A group of girls wanted to set up their own way of getting volunteer hours. They organized local trips around their school and Geneva to pick up trash and recycle!

Pizza Meet

One Italian student wants to bring a new product from Switzerland. He is currently using S.T.O. as a space to create his business model and hopefully partner with Young Enterprise Switzerland. We hope his mini-pizza sandwiches turn into a huge success!

Franglish Festival

A group of students want to host a fundraiser that brings together the Anglophone and Francophone sections of their school. They plan on hosting a concert early next school year that introduces all students to some of the top local bands in the area.

Stop Motion Videos & Logos

Two girls wanted to apply their love of art with concrete projects. They have not only tried their hand at designing logos, they are responsible for the amazing video on the home page of the website!


Innovation is at the center of our modern world these days, and it is the minds and ideas of the young that will drive the future, and have the power to make a change. And this innovation can really be triggerred when we work on something that we want.


At STO, we can help you tap into your creative potential to come up with something which could greatly benefit you and your community. Become a young changer in the world.


Whether it is through social networks or simply word of mouth, make your idea known to the global community, get people excited about the work you are doing. The more people who are interested, the more they will share your idea with others. You could soon end up with something bigger and better than you had pictured.

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College du Léman, Route de Sauverny 74
PO Box 156, CH-1290 Versoix, Geneva.

Student at CDL?

Interested in getting help with any project ideas you might have? If so, STO is easily the best way to get assistance. Come and find us in Eiger 313 at 4pm on Thursdays, and don’t hesitate to ask for help with any idea, no matter how audacious it is.

Supervisor: michelle.blanchet@cdl.ch




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